We Create Jobs and Opportunities.

At IDEA-GIANT- We have a consortium of disruptive ideas all under one umbrella. The Idea is to create great mobile products, hardware, software and application services and bring them to market. We understand that every company starts with a giant-idea. Through our Giant-Ideas we will establish productivity in regions all over the world. IDEA-GIANT! is also committed to taking away the burden of the burden bearer through our scalable community development Innovation disruptive platfoms. By using what we have to create, we are able to save millions of dollars to assist communities and create jobs. This makes IDEA-GIANT's potential limitless! And also gives us the ability to help stabilize millions of lives all over the world.

Coming Soon!

Potential and Capability.
Ideas that we will introduce to market.
Such as:
AI Technology Software.
Medical Devices.
Health Food Delivery.
New Social Networks.
Codeing Programs.
Crowdfunding Platforms.
App Developement.
All of these and a lot more! Our ideas are produced in house which creates multiple streams of revenue and helps to eliminate the burden of borrowing. With new emerging markets of Marketing Advertising, Banking,3D Printing,IoT's,New Systems of Traction, Virtual Reality,Community Development, Saas, Video Marketing, ICT's and more. With our ideas we will be able to create many jobs and services for years to come. We see every idea not just for what it is but, for what it could potentially be. Which in turns builds company growth and helps to give us a dominant lead in our field as well. We have seen many ideas turned away by companies that don't hold the passion or vision it takes to properly bring ideas into manifestation. We are here to change that!

     Globalizing Optimization and Empowering Community Developement Through Innovation.

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