Creating Scalable Platforms.
​We are intellectually property minded and driven, which gives us unlimited possibilities to create jobs and add value to the lives of individuals, communities and nations around the world. Here, we think from a global perspective. We take a different approach, using what we have to create what is not yet visible. We use complex scalable models and strategies of productivity to implement Ideas into the mobile business world. Our relentless drive along with a host of innovative ground breaking App developers, Web designers and the like, enables us in making our products accessible on a international level.

IDEA-GIANT : Says Destabilization is Coming To The Mobile Tech World-Via: The Midwest.

From an unknown Mid-West Mega Telepathic Idea Company called @idea_giant. To a calculating Medical Scrub Apparel franchise juggernaut called Shell-e-Med. Both located in Benton Harbor, MI centered between Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans and others in Detroit, MI. And Google, We Work, Uber and the hugely successful Hyde Park Ventures and others in Chicago, IL. The Midwest is traversing the path to stardom. Benton Harbor, MI is also home to Ghostbusters, Ernie Hudson and Vivica A. Fox and the new Jack Nicholas PGA golf tour. The most intense disturbance to any tech business is the one you don't see coming. @idea_giant's Founder and CEO Shannon.S, says that while most tech companies seek money, @idea_giant seeks talent to cultivate the ideas that generate guaranteed revenues. We have taken the time to look at what productive Unicorn companies use, in California and around the world to strategically procure their desire. In the Midwest it's a bit different, we are tireless multi functional developer's. Our makeup is contingent on our ability to execute. Proper planning produces proper scalable products and accurate capital. With Ideas that will disrupt Credit Karma, Dickies,Snapchat,Facebook and others.

The world will seek to move into the Midwest as we have seen with We Work, Uber, Google and others, that have come in recent years. Our motto is simple, what We Can't See, We Create. This takes bold vision. Under our umbrella we are set to turn urban communities into multi billion dollar platforms. Intellectual property business will continue to be a dominant force in the future. In the world of the so called (Tech Bubble) enthusiast, their expectations will die under the ever increasing emergence of new innovative products and sale servicing ideas. As we are now seeing with the new VR phenomenons. It's not the products themselves thats exciting, but the capability and the potential they hold. Our reach spans accross diverse markets such as SaaS, Restaurant Franchising, Fintech, Community Development and more. Why are so many companies afraid of this approach? They haven't understood execution and how to proceed in phases. Most companies don't know what to use to produce capital. Or how to build multiple streams of revenue to sustain, grow and scale their business. While at the same time change lives for the better in the process. We create products for acquisition and products that will never be sold to other companies. We also help others to bring their ideas to life. On a equity/royalty basis. Using our own Venture Capital platform. With the coming year of 2018/19 these two companies and others will surely thrive in the global economic mobile tech world. Shannon says, we are going to make a mark in the world, not by receiving funding. But by building great products and changing people's lives for the bettr.


Thanks to Kelly and the guys over at WNIT PBS Public Television for an awesome! Pitch Vent spotlight.

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